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3DLasersLab vinyl wall mounts, 3D printed
Vinyl Album & Disc Wall Mount & Display | Damage-Free | 3D Lasers Lab
Vinyl Album & Disc Wall Mount & Display | Damage-Free | 3D Lasers Lab

Vinyl Album & Disc Wall Mount & Display | Damage-Free | 3D Lasers Lab

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  • DISPLAY YOUR FAVORITE ALBUMS | A must have for music enthusiasts who want to show off their favorite albums! Individual display mount can hold up to 1-2 LPs or gatefolds. This simple yet sturdy design is able to withstand 1.5 lb (0.7 kg). 
  • INSTALL WITHOUT WALL DAMAGE | Each display mount comes with 3M Command Strips (wall tape) to avoid damaging your walls and for an easy, quick set-up. Work on most wall types (see below). Perfect for apartments and dormitories!
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL | These mounts can be used to display photos, art, certificates/rewards, magazines, children books, etc.
  • VARIATION | Our mounts come in black or white and in 3 bundles: 2-pack, 5-pack, & 10-pack.
  • USA MADE | 3D-Printed in ABS for great quality & durability. Printed & packed by 3D Lasers Lab, LLC near St. Louis, MO fleur-de-lis


Whether you love classic rock or pop, these displays are perfect for any music lover! 
Available in 2, 5, or 10-packs in black and white, this minimalist shelf is perfect for anyone who wants to decorate their walls with their favorite artists or using it to display photographs or prints. This unique design is perfect for heavier or thicker albums-- ideal for gatefolds! As a bonus, our mounts are perfect for apartments and dorm rooms as they should leave surfaces free from damage! 

3D-printed with the highest quality ABS we can find. We are always researching, tinkering, and developing new technology that will further improve and guarantee customer satisfaction.

*As per instruction by 3M Command® Medium [White] Mounting Strips, please do not use these strips on surfaces such as fabric, wallpaper, brick, extreme textured walls/surfaces, & other rough or non-stick surfaces. Applicable areas can be smooth, painted, lightly textured, wooden (varnished), painted cinder block/concrete, tile, metal, glass, laminates, & most plastics (such as acrylic, PVC, PE, PP).